That Smile of Yours

That Smile Of Yours


1. Joe (Soul) - That Smile of Yours 2:49
2. MaMan - That Smile of Yours (Remix) 2:38


Artist: Joe (Soul)
Label: Oldies Records
Release Date: August 14, 2020
Genre: Pop
People: Lyrics by: Andjela Veljovic, Mastered by: Eshaan


Joe (Soul) - That Smile of Yours

I like the day, you prefer the night,
I love a clear sky, you’re crazy ’bout stars.
Sometimes we disagree,
but we’re still doing fine,
through all of these years
our love has survived.

Despite little misunderstandings,
I feel something special for you,
you’re special to me girl,
like to Audrey her favorite pearls.

Chorus: My favorite part of the day
are mornings next to you,
when I wake up
and you’re already looking at me,
I smile and I think, I have everything.
What I would’t do for that smile of yours…

I’m pretty sure this feeling’s gonna last,
we’d found each other
and this is all I could ask for,
‘cause love is all about how much you give,
you also that much will receive.

All I know,
this feeling never wanna let go,
’cause you’re something special for me girl.


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