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Introducing Record Label Oldies Records


Introducing Record Label Oldies Records

The love for music and songwriting was the main push that led two fellow songwriters to the founding of a brand new independent label, Oldies Records.

The upcoming digital label will provide a new outlook to pop and EDM artists, taking advantage of the many business opportunities offered by the web.

“We love being creative,” explains one of the two co-founders, “and this will be a way for us to showcase our creativity, doing what we love and makes us happy.”

In such a fast-evolving market, there are plenty of artists and labels approaching the scenes on a daily basis. Competition can be tough, but the founders of (Oldies Records) have already discussed ways to keep the audience entertained and shed a constant spotlight on their artists.

“One of our main projects will be (Oldies Radio), an internet radio station that will showcase both our artists and other songwriters twenty-four hours a day.”

Despite being at the very early stage of the ideation process, (Oldies Records) can already count on the talent of two interesting songwriters, Serendipity and to$h.

Born and based in Serbia, Serendipity is an appealing Pop project, while to$h, born in Congo (DRC) and based in Des Moines, IA, delivers an interesting blend of Pop, Afro Pop and EDM. With such distant roots and a variety of genres and styles, (Oldies Records) will provide a diverse and exciting catalog of new music.

Stay tuned to find out more about this new project!

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